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Featured components generated

A background template for customer care with chatbots145 days ago

A weather app looks like the iOS weather app145 days ago

Generate a login form dark theme153 days ago

create a slider145 days ago

a toolbar, rounded, dark gray, with 3 icon buttons rounded143 days ago

tabla para listado con opciones de eliminar al lado153 days ago

Barra de navegación con tailwind css153 days ago

componente con un " 300" y debajo "componets generated"158 days ago

a landing page159 days ago

A card tile with photo, title and description145 days ago

a date picker159 days ago

A clean table component for laravel with tailwind153 days ago

A row compare three plans with prices and options 145 days ago

a login screen with email and password159 days ago

navigation bar149 days ago

navigation bar145 days ago

budget calculator for car loan154 days ago

a hero animated portfolio145 days ago

A rectangle button with a transparent background and a solid drop shadow158 days ago

interactive rating component144 days ago

login form153 days ago

a table to display assignements for students148 days ago

nice horizontal timeline153 days ago

a board with three columns: To-do, in progress and done. Add a card "Task 1" in a To-do column.145 days ago

create a login component153 days ago

un chat como el de whatsapp145 days ago

rounded box with button to add local path154 days ago

a rounded button, with power on icon and white background with light shadow145 days ago

gradient buttons with primary color of social networks145 days ago

a default hero145 days ago